QJoyPad 3 Documentation

Distributed with QJoyPad 3.4; available online at http://qjoypad.sourceforge.net/doc/doc_index.html

Nathan Gaylinn


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. What is QJoyPad?
1.2. What's it good for?
1.3. Features
2. Getting Started
2.1. Requirements
2.2. Installation
3. Using QJoyPad
3.1. The Tray Icon
3.2. The Popup Menu
3.3. The Setup Dialog
3.3.1. The Layout Selection combo box
3.3.2. The Add button
3.3.3. The Remove button
3.3.4. The Update button
3.3.5. The Revert button
3.3.6. The Joystick buttons
3.3.7. The Joystick Component buttons
3.3.8. The Clear button
3.3.9. Quick Set
3.4. Configuring axes
3.4.1. The Axis Position Indicator
3.4.2. Making an axis "Gradient"
3.4.3. Switching between keyboard and mouse control
3.4.4. Adjusting mouse speed
3.4.5. Setting keys
3.4.6. Throttle Settings
3.5. Configuring buttons
3.5.1. Choosing a key / mouse button
3.5.2. Making a button "Sticky"
3.5.3. Using Rapid Fire
3.6. Command-line use and scripting
4. Layout Files
5. Problems
5.1. I can't get my game controller to work in Linux; will QJoyPad help?
5.2. Joystick recognition
5.2.1. QJoyPad says it can't find any joysticks?
5.2.2. QJoyPad isn't showing all of my joysticks.
5.2.3. My joystick has more/fewer buttons/axes than that!
5.3. Joystick adjustment
5.3.1. Why does it say I'm moving if I'm not?
5.3.2. I keep going in two directions at once instead of just one!
5.3.3. I'm pushing up, but nothing's happening!
5.4. QJoyPad won't start!
5.5. I have two versions of QJoyPad open at once and they're getting in each other's way!
5.6. I'm getting strange errors when I change layouts; what's wrong?
5.7. This program only works in XWindows?
5.8. But my window manager doesn't HAVE a system tray!
5.9. I hate the QJoyPad icon. Is there any way to change it?
5.10. Why do I have to tell QJoyPad to "update joystick devices"? Why can't it do that on its own?
5.11. When QJoyPad checks for new joysticks, it doesn't find mine!
5.12. Why are both Up and Down treated as the same axis?
5.13. All of this is too complicated. Why isn't there a button for Up?
5.14. Features and suggestions
5.14.1. Why can't I click with an axis, or move the mouse with a button?
5.14.2. Why doesn't QJoyPad do _____?
6. Credits
7. This software is GPL!