5.8. But my window manager doesn't HAVE a system tray!

I'm well aware that every Linux setup is different and that there are a million different window managers that range from beautiful, feature-full, and bloated to stark, minimalist, and lightning-fast. Unfortunately, after a few people suggested that I have a tray icon for the no-gui mode, I realized that it was a very, very good idea. The new version of QJoyPad is built up around the system tray conceptually, and to make a version that doesn't use it would be a lot of work, so for now I plan to keep things as they are.

However, to accommodate those of you who don't have a system tray and can't stand that little icon, using the argument --notray makes a floating icon that is much bigger instead of the little tray icon. It still behaves exactly as the smaller icon would, except it is larger and cannot be captured by the system tray.