1.2. What's it good for?

QJoyPad lets you play any XWindows game that uses input from the keyboard and mouse with a joystick device, even if the game doesn't normally have joystick support. In addition, it's a convenient companion for emulation software as it prevents the need for extra controller plugins and can remember multiple saved layouts. Also, QJoyPad can quickly swap between layouts whenever you change games, so you'll always have the controls right where you want them instead of compromising for the game's defaults or the settings you find most useful in other games. Now with version 3, QJoyPad also supports features like rapid fire and sticky buttons (see Section 3.5.2) that can improve your gaming experience.

Not a gamer? Then QJoyPad can still be pretty useful if you would find it more comfortable or convenient to control your computer with a joystick or game pad. It may be designed with gaming in mind, but it's a useful program for virtually any purpose.