5.13. All of this is too complicated. Why isn't there a button for Up?

Unfortunately, adding new features means increasing complexity and making things more confusing. That's just how things go. If you just want to have one key pressed when you press a button on your joystick, try using just the quick set feature of QJoyPad 3. There all you need to do is press what you want to press on the joystick and then type the key you want that button to trigger.

Also, if you preferred the simplicity of QJoyPad 2.1, it's still available and quite functional, it just doesn't have quite as many options and doesn't use a system tray icon. The two versions of QJoyPad are compatible and can both be run on the same computer without getting in each others' way (as long as you rename one of them so they aren't both called "qjoypad"), just not at the same time.