Chapter 5. Problems

5.1. I can't get my game controller to work in Linux; will QJoyPad help?

Well, that depends on why you can't get it to work. For the most part, the answer is "No." QJoyPad can only use joysticks and gamepads that are recognized by your kernel and that have the proper drivers loaded. If you can't get your joysticks to work at all in Linux, then, no, QJoyPad can't help. (you might want to check out the joystick.txt file included with your kernel source; if you don't know anything about working with the kernel, check out the Linux Kernel HOWTO )

If your joystick is detected and somewhat working, but you can't get it to work in specific programs, then QJoyPad just might be what you're looking for. One of the main reasons I wrote QJoyPad was because my gamepads simply wouldn't work right with the input plugins for Linux Playstation emulators, so I know for a fact that sometimes QJoyPad can work around specific software issues.

Check out Section 5.2 for some tips for checking if your joystick is working.