Chapter 6. Credits

Thank you to Erich Kitzmlüller, author of xjoypad for the inspiration to write QJoyPad and for the code that started me off.

The development team for Psi, the Jabber client, also get a lot of thanks for writing the tray icon code that I borrowed and tweaked. Thank you for developing GPL and for helping other developers! (Check out the Psi Website )

Thank you also to everyone who has sent me an email about QJoyPad. Knowing that my program is used and appreciated means a lot, especially since that's about all I get out of my programming. Open source is like teaching; it's very important and means a lot for young and developing programmers, but it's a time consuming and underpaid profession ;)

Finally, I need to offer a very warm thank you to Mark Hannessen who graciously donated one Logitech Wingman Rumblepad to the cause of QJoyPad. Without that, I simply would not have been able to add support for multiple axes or throttle controls, so version 3 might have never been made. Thank you for your interest and for your support, Mark.