Chapter 3. Using QJoyPad

3.1. The Tray Icon

QJoyPad 3 is centered around the idea of a "tray icon", a little icon that usually sits on your taskbar, out of the way; when you first run QJoyPad, this is how it will be, just an icon. If your window manager doesn't support system tray icons, then you'll see QJoyPad as a tiny 24x24 window floating around like any other window (see Section 5.8 ). since this might be hard to work with, QJoyPad (starting with version 3.3) gives you the option of having a larger icon to work with; just run qjoypad --notray and QJoyPad will use a larger floating icon instead of a system tray icon.

By right clicking on the QJoyPad icon (it should look like an old gamepad), you will get a pop-up menu that lets you switch layouts (when you first install QJoyPad, there will be no layouts available) and see some important information. To add or modify layouts, left click the icon to open the Setup Dialog.