5.14. Features and suggestions

5.14.1. Why can't I click with an axis, or move the mouse with a button?

5.14.2. Why doesn't QJoyPad do _____?

For the sake of my sanity, I didn't program every possible thing I could imagine someone wanting to do into QJoyPad. I added in the features that people were asking for and which made sense, and I set somewhat arbitrary limits on what the user can and can't do. Why set limits? Because if I didn't the program would get far too bulky and too time consuming to write. I tried to draw the line at what I thought was reasonable use. No, you can't make the mouse click whenever you move an axis... but why would you want to?

If there's something that you feel QJoyPad should be able to do that it can't, let me know and I'll considering adding that in future versions.