5.4. QJoyPad won't start!

There are two reasons why QJoyPad won't start. For one, QJoyPad won't start is if it's already running! To make sure QJoyPad doesn't interfere with itself, only one version of QJoyPad is allowed to run at a time. If you can't see an already open version, look for the icon in the system tray. If you really can't find it anywhere, try running "killall qjoypad" and then "rm -f ~/lock.pid" and then try starting QJoyPad again. It should work this time.

Finally, QJoyPad won't actually run if one of its arguments is --h or --help. When it sees one of those arguments, it outputs usage information to the console and then quits. If you're running QJoyPad away from a console or want it to run like normal, don't give one of these arguments.